Word Processing

23 - Negation Recognizer

Ignoring the meaning of a negation will flip the polarity of your text.

A negation is the denial of something and is very important to include in your analysis. When you count the word ‘talent’ in your document, you should also find the preceding word ‘without’. Ignoring negation will flip the polarity of your analysis incorrectly.

Negation Recognizer example (source)

spaCy has a pipeline plugin to detect negations. There is also training code for negBert, but there is no ready-to-go model.

The broader task of Negation Finding is finding the level of Certainty. From completely Affirmed to a Speculative form to Negated. The prepositions before or after a word determine the polarity of the assertion.

Examples of different levels of certainty (source)

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